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Selected publications

Financial Sector Development

On the link between remittances and insurance schemes for poor populations (2013): Ströh de Martínez, Crayen and Hainz: "Remittances, Banking Status and the Usage of Insurance Schemes", Journal of Development Studies, 46(6), pp. 861-875 (link).

On a demand-side perspective for analyzing microfinance (2011): Ströh de Martínez: “Finance for the poor in demand: Who uses microfinance and why?”, Working Paper, No. 10/2011, Institute for International Political Economy Berlin (link).

On financial sector development from the perspective of pro-poor development (2010): Ströh de Martínez: “How to assess pro-poor financial sector development: A comprehensive framework applied to the case of Peruvian microfinance”, doctoral dissertation, School of Business & Economics of the Free University of Berlin, Berlin (link).

Conflict & Fragility

On dimensions of qualitative growth in fragile states (2012): Kükenshöner: “Qualitative Growth in fragile contexts”, KfW Position Paper, KfW, Frankfurt (link).

On employment creation in fragile states (2012): Kükenshöner: “Employment in Fragile Contexts“, KfW position paper, KfW, Frankfurt (link).


On agricultural mechanisation and its financing in sub-Saharan Africa: Ströh de Martínez, Feddersen, Speicher: “Food security in sub-Saharan Africa: a fresh look on agricultural mechanisation; how adapted financial solutions can make a difference”, German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), Bonn (link).

On inclusive agri-business models (2012): Gradl, Kükenshöner, Schmidt, Ströh de Martínez: “Growing Business with Smallholders. A guide to inclusive agribusiness”, GIZ on behalf of BMZ, Berlin (link).

Development Finance & Inclusive Business

On innovative financing (2014): Herrmann, Kükenshöner and Reinsberg: “Analysis of the German trust fund portfolio at the World Bank and guidance on reforms”, GIZ on behalf of BMZ, Berlin, 2014. (link).

On food security and inclusive business (2013): Gradl, Ströh de Martínez, Hollmann, Schmidt, Kükenshöner, Rockenbauch: “Promising agribusiness”, D+C, 26.3.2013 (link).


On demand-side financing of education (2015): Eckle and Heesemann: Bildung darf kein Luxus sein: Potentiale der nachfrageseitigen Bildungsfinanzierung in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Materialien zur Entwicklungsfinanzierung , Nr.6. KfW, Frankfurt am Main (link).