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Agile and cross-sectoral team work for human development

We combine expertise in development cooperation with the methods and quality standards of management consulting and are guided in our approach by academic research.

Connecting with our clients

We approach strategy and programme development in a holistic manner and support our clients throughout the entire process, from identifying specific needs to integrating results into everyday workflows. Methods we frequently employ include structured workshops and process facilitation. As part of our agile approach, we maintain open communication channels with our clients and flexibly adapt to their demands, ideas and feedback. Our clients include international donor organisations, NGOs, foundations, the public sector, and socially responsible enterprises.

Inspired by Sen’s freedoms

Our deep motivation lies in the wish to contribute to a truly meaningful cause and make a sustainable positive impact with our work. Our philosophy is inspired by Amartya Sen’s vision of development as freedom – the opportunity for all humans to be, or do, something they value. This includes the freedoms of economic, political and social participation. For this reason, we employ a human-centred and participatory approach and draw on extensive knowledge in each of our thematic areas.

Listening to local voices

Our analysis is guided by the needs and lived realities of our target groups. We continuously seek to incorporate local perspectives in strategy development and create opportunities for participation in the programmes that we design. Our interaction with target groups and other stakeholders – both in person and remotely - is facilitated by a diverse set of participatory methods.

Jointly creating value

Our agile working culture creates a fertile ground for innovation: through regular peer review and interactive workshops, project teams approach challenges from diverse perspectives and develop customized solutions. Our experienced backstopping team supports all projects both methodologically and thematically and thereby guarantees the quality of our services. Deep listening and open dialogue provide a space for substantive feedback and productive co-creation.