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Our vision: Effective, cooperative and enabling development cooperation

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Examples of our work:

Supporting the creation of the Blue Action Fund

Context: Supporting marine and coastal protection is a strategic priority of the German government. To realise the strategy, a conservation trust fund dedicated to supporting marine protected areas and coastal waters of Africa, Latin America and Asia was established. The fund serves as a global platform and financial partner for NGOs to channels funding to marine/coastal conservation projects.

Services: We developed the institutional aspects of the Blue Action Fund and provided ongoing support during the founding process. Furthermore, we elaborated a Grant Procedures Manual and an internal Operations Manual to design all processes from project preparation to monitoring of ongoing projects.

Approach: We accompanied the founding process through a number of multi-stakeholder conferences and workshops. In addition, we partnered with a German Foundation services company to transfer knowledge from German Foundation practice to build and design this new organisation in the most sustainable and effective way.

Supporting organizational development of the Nature Trust Alliance (NTA): 

Context: NTA was established as a unique collaboration between three of Europe’s leading conservation trust funds. It provides operational support services to enable the trust funds to focus on their core mission to support nature conservation.

Services: We undertook a feasibility study for setting up the organization and – after its foundation – helped to develop its vision, mission and value proposition through a series of workshops as well as practical coaching and elaboration of tools and manuals.

Approach: We applied and adapted the Shared Services business concept from the corporate into the non-profit sector.

Prequalification of INGOs for a rapid response mechanism in Eastern Africa

Background: NGOs have become important Implementation Partners for an international donor . However, a competitive selection of the best suited NGO takes time and can delay necessary assistance. Therefore, the client wanted to establish a pool of prequalified NGOs to enable quick project preparation.

Services: We undertook a screening of NGOs active in relevant countries and sectors in East Africa, invited them to submit an Expression of Interest, and visited their regional offices to assess their capacities and experiences. We developed a comprehensive report that allows to easily identify relevant NGOs per country and sector.

Approach: We operationalized the donor's requirements to develop an assessment tool for NGO capacities and experiences.

Operations manual for the Climate Bridge Fund in Bangladesh

Context: The Climate Bridge Fund supports areas affected by climate induced migration in Bangladesh. It aims at enhancing migrants’ sustainable livelihoods and their resilience to climate-related risks that may trigger further migration into the slums of megacities like Dhaka. The Fund is designed as an open programme but has a set-up that allows for a transformation into a legally independent Trust Fund at a later stage.

Services: We defined the institutional details and procedures of the Climate Bridge Fund. We developed a comprehensive Operational Manual for the Fund, including rules and procedures for the decision making bodies of the Fund and templates for all processes such as project selection, contracting and reporting.

Approach: Applying its expertise in Fund solutions as well as donor requirements, we developed a customized concept for the Climate Bridge Fund in close cooperation with all stakeholders.