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Conflict, Fragility & Migration

Our vision: Stability and social cohesion at home and abroad

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Examples of our work:

Designing a Regional Migration Fund for the Horn of Africa

Context: The German government and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) envisage to address employment and livelihood challenges for migrants, refugees and local communities in the Horn of Africa. A Regional Migration Fund is set up to improve economic opportunities in transit locations along migration routes and to provide socio-economic infrastructure in protracted displacement situations.

Services: In a design study, we developed rationale, intervention areas, governance structure and operational set-up of the fund. In addition, we defined implementation modalities, with a focus on transparent project selection acceptable to all stakeholders and participatory economic planning processes that unlock the competitive advantages of the localities.

Approach: Besides analysing the latest academic thinking on mixed migration, we conducted a participatory assessment of needs and economic potential in target areas. We also analysed best practices in participatory economic planning and transferred these learnings to migration / displacement settings. To ensure ownership of fund and concepts, we facilitated several stakeholder workshops.

Revising the German implementation strategy for Afghanistan

Context: Deteriorating security conditions pose great challenges to the activities of German Development Cooperation in Afghanistan, as they heavily limit access for international staff to partners and project regions. At the same time, the Afghan government shows continued will of reform and developed ten priority programs.

Services: We developed recommendations for the adjustment of the implementation modalities in use by German Development Cooperation. For this purpose, we analysed Afghan government priorities, and the changing context and assessed the feasibility of developing alternative implementation modalities, such as financing UN organizations, INGOs or Trust Funds.

Approach: We analysed political trends and security conditions through interviews with Afghanistan based experts identified through rapid snowball sampling. Furthermore, we judged the suitability of alternative implementation modalities through a tailor-made assessment system.

Developing a methodology for Peace and Conflict Assessment (PCA).

Context: The PCA methodology for conflict-sensitive planning and steering of development projects needed alignment with the BMZ concept “Peace and Security”.

Services: We conducted a series of workshops with GIZ, KfW and BMZ to facilitate expert discussions on best-practice approaches to conflict analysis and conflict monitoring. Based on the outcomes of the workshop, we developed a practical guideline for conducting PCAs.

Approach: We facilitated the workshop, engaging participants and guiding the thought process through the metaplan method. We incorporated academic insights on the dimensions of state fragility and contributed its on-the-ground experience with risk assessment and management.