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Priority areas - focus on core development topics

Our vision of development is based on Amartya Sen’s concept of “development as freedom”, in which development occurs when people have the freedom to be, or do, something they value. These freedoms refer to all dimensions of human life, and consist of economic opportunities, social protection, security, access to information, and political participation. In this sense, development requires a growing range of freedoms for the vulnerable and poor that cross-fertilize each other.

We are working towards these freedoms in six interrelated priority areas:

  1. Conflict, Fragility & Migration
  2. Finance, Employment & Skills Development
  3. Basic Social Services
  4. Eco-friendly Livelihoods & Rural Economy
  5. Financing Instruments & Development Partnerships
  6. Monitoring Systems

In these priority areas we strive towards contributing to a more peaceful world characterized by inclusive economic development, social and political opportunities. We support the pursuit of a balance between economic aspects and our social and ecological environment. We stand to support these goals by supporting the design and establishment of development financing instruments and effective projects held accountable by robust and intelligent monitoring systems.