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Comprehensive support to our clients

joyn-coop provides conceptual support, developing ideas and approaches, but also practical support, shaping projects and programmes. We address concept and project development in a holistic manner: We support our clients from identifying their needs to implementing the results in their everyday work, frequently through structured workshops and process facilitation. In our work, we incorporate insights from evaluations and impact studies directly in strategies and project design.

More specifically, joyn-coop provides the following consultancy services:

Conceptual studies

We develop concepts and strategies to address development challenges in our priority areas.

Project design

We conduct project-related scoping studies and feasibility studies in close cooperation with local stakeholders and our clients.

Project evaluations

We support the implementation of projects and learning from them with participatory and evidence-based evaluations and impact studies.

Organizational development

We help organizations and projects undergo change processes, develop routines, and set up monitoring systems that institutionalize learning.

Workshop facilitation

We support multi-stakeholder initiatives and projects as process facilitators and moderators.