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Climate change and development

Climate change is a global challenge that requires both global and local action. The impacts of climate change are expected to be especially severe in developing countries. Climate change can potentially undermine the advancement of human development of the last decade. The environmental dimension must be taken into account when building (human) development agendas. A Green Economy, which combines economic development and social inclusion with ecological goals, is instrumental to future pro-poor development.

For empowering pro-poor development, climate change must be considered as a cross-cutting issue:

joyn-coop supports its client base with conceptual and project-related advice to…

…promote successful mitigation strategies: We offer advice on renewable energy projects, energy efficiency measures, awareness-building for behavioral change, and funding measures for mitigation. In renewable energy, we primarily consult on solar energy projects. With regard to behavioral change, we also focus on reducing corporate carbon footprints. To this end, we seek to advise on energy efficiency strategies that go beyond pure corporate social responsibility. We advise on concepts that improve conditions for public and private investments as a mitigation measure, as well as on funding through channels such as the carbon markets.

…advance effective adaptation strategies: We offer advice on adaptation as a cross-cutting issue and on projects focusing on specific adaptation measures. Adaptation requires consideration of vulnerabilities to climate change, suitable technologies, local coping practices, and required government involvement. As adaptation needs to start at the local level, we pay particular attention to engage the local stakeholders, such as local administrations and populations when identifying appropriate adaptation measures. Our services include project design, monitoring and evaluation as well as studies on financial instruments for climate change adaptation.